Welcome to UKi Media & Events! We are an award-winning global leader in the delivery of specialized exhibitions, conferences, magazines and websites for the automotive, aviation, logistics, marine and meteorological industries. Our highly focused events and publications inspire, connect and inform businesses, engineers, scientists and professionals around the world.

As part of CloserStill Media Group, we are committed to excellence and innovation in our business operations and in our market-leading brands.

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Global exhibitions

With more than 20 events in our portfolio covering areas as diverse as automotive testing through to airport terminals, UKi Media & Events has a continuous track record of innovation and product development. The company runs specialist shows serving the automotive, aviation, marine, meteorological, transportation and logistics sectors.


UKi Media & Events organizes leading international conferences covering the aerospace, automotive, marine and logistics sectors. All our conferences are firmly focused on delivering exceptional value for attendees, with speakers and topics carefully chosen to ensure the best blend of exclusive, insightful content, stimulating debate, and enjoyable and convenient networking opportunities.


UKi Media & Events produces 14 leading international publications (print and digital), serving readers across the air transportation, automotive, marine and logistics sectors, with a strong editorial emphasis on the opportunities and challenges presented by new technologies and increased sustainability. Our in-house design and editorial teams thrive on creating the best-looking and most engaging content possible across print and digital platforms.

"People often ask me the question 'where do you get your data?' The answer is simple: we build it ourselves"

Tony Robinson, chairman and founder, UKi Media & Events