New dates for 2022 pending!
The Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Michigan, USA

ADAS & AV Legal Issues & Liabilities World Congress brings together the world’s leading automotive lawyers and legislators to discuss the legal issues, implications and liabilities arising from ADAS and a future generation of autonomous vehicles (AVs). Conference attendees will benefit from real-world case studies and the latest thinking from auto OEMs, supply chain partners, consultants, insurers, regulators and, of course, law firms.

June 21, 22, 23, 2022 - Amsterdam RAI, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium brings together ship designers, fleet owners, naval architects, classification societies, equipment manufacturers and maritime research organizations to discuss and debate the technological, regulatory, and legal developments necessary to make autonomous and unmanned ships a reality. Held in Amsterdam alongside Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo, this three-day conference covers not only the challenges of testing and developing autonomous maritime technology, but also the legal implications, the potential economic benefits for fleet owners, safety and security issues and, most importantly, how to develop a universal regulatory framework. Over 50 of the world’s leading experts will present their views and current findings, leading to a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and network with this pioneering community of maritime engineers.

June 21, 22, 23, 2022 - Messe Stuttgart,​ Stuttgart, Germany

Hear from over 120 expert speakers across two dedicated streams. The Autonomous Vehicle AI, Software and Sensor Fusion stream is dedicated to specifically addressing the challenges and opportunities of developing sensors, AI and software platforms for autonomous and self-driving vehicles. The Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development stream brings together the world’s leading engineers in the field of autonomous vehicle research, testing, validation and development.

New dates for 2022 pending!
The Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Michigan, USA

Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development Symposium, Novi, Michigan is North America’s only conference exclusively dedicated to discussing the complex challenges of the testing, validation, verification and development of ultra-dependable autonomous vehicles and their system-wide operation. The conference will be held alongside Automotive Testing Expo, Novi, Michigan, the largest exhibition dedicated to new vehicle development and testing in North America; and Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo, Novi, Michigan.

May 31 & June 1, 2022 - Forum, Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany

The Electric & Hybrid Aerospace Technology Symposium will bring together aerospace industry R&D engineers and heads of design and engineering to discuss, debate and analyze future possibilities for the hybridization of aircraft and even the possibility of pure electric-only commercial flight.

The two-day event will cover all aspects of aerospace activity, from commercial aviation to military applications, its purpose being to highlight the ever-growing amount of research into the increased electrification of aircraft and the possibilities and challenges that brings.

June 21, 22, 23, 2022 - Amsterdam RAI, ​Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo Conference is the world’s only international conference exclusively dedicated to electric and hybrid marine propulsion systems, charging solutions, technologies and components. More than 40 of the world’s leading experts will present technical papers on latest and next-generation technology that will power ships of the future. The conference is a must-attend event for shipowners, shipbuilders, naval architects and ship designers, technology manufacturers, propulsion designers and engineers, and anyone in the marine and offshore industry interested in the wide range of benefits provided by increased electrification.

New dates for 2022 pending!

The Future of Automotive Interiors Conference will be exclusively dedicated to the study of future interior design, innovative seating, lighting, ergonomics, instrumentation, control systems, new HMI approaches, in-car entertainment and connectivity, and onboard wellness and safety challenges, as well as the opportunities and challenges offered by increased vehicle autonomy and ever more sophisticated consumers.

New dates for 2022 pending!
The Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Michigan, USA

The Future of Automotive Interiors Conference will explore and identify the key trends shaping current and near-future automotive interiors, as well as the challenges and opportunities presented by a new generation of autonomous vehicles. The conference will offer the perfect platform to better understand the possibilities offered by exciting, new technologies such as haptic sensors, augmented reality head-up displays, 3D printing and smart lighting.

The Future of Transportation World Conference is a new conference launched in recognition of the fact that a transportation revolution is underway that will change urban landscapes and interconnecting infrastructure forever. From low-speed, personal air travel to high-speed, intercontinental hyperloops, no area of mobility will be unchanged. Conference streams include: urban & inter-urban eVTOL air mobility; mass deployment of autonomous vehicles; the changing landscape for the automotive industry; connectivity – 5G, V2X & cybersecurity; energy – powering the future of transport; mobility as a service; quantum effects through big & small changes; road freight – pathway to efficiency; and alternative thinking – exploring alternative ideas.

June 29 & June 30, 2022
Köln Messe, Cologne, Germany

The conference features numerous streams covering the very latest industrial vehicle concepts and technologies, from electric and hybrid powertrains to looking at the path towards fully autonomous, driverless operation.

October 18, 19, 20, 2022 - Frankfurt, Germany

The Parcel+Post Expo Conference will host expert speakers debating and discussing the key issues and future for the global postal and parcel delivery industry. Topics will include: developments in e-commerce, last mile, digital innovation, parcel handling and tracking, intelligent self-service solutions, and robotics and AI, to name just a few.

July 13 & 14, 2022
Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati, USA

From the organisers for the world's leading parcel and postal industry event, Parcel+Post Expo, that’s been held annually in Europe for 25 years, UKi Media & Events has announced that Package Fulfillment, Logistics and Delivery Expo will be held at the Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati on the 13 and 14 July 2022.

June 15, 16, 17, 2022 - Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France

Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE is the most highly regarded airport conference in the world, renowned for providing comprehensive, innovative, diverse and leading-edge presentations and interactive discussions year-on-year to a global audience of over 1,900 conference attendees from more than 130 countries.

Each year 400+ expert speakers from the airport and airline industries provide new insights, share the latest developments, discuss solutions and focus on the industry’s key challenges and prospects, providing unique and unrivaled access to up-to-the-minute knowledge and know-how.

Speakers and delegates range from chairmen, board members and CEOs right through to managers and their teams, creating a desirable mix of levels of managerial and operational expertise and facilitating intense discussions during the many themed panels.

It is THE industry networking event of the year.

The Sustainable Internal Combustion Engine Symposium discusses and debates the future of gasoline, diesel and alternative-fuel IC engines. The conference is about how the traditional automotive powertrain has a long future ahead of it when it is developed and advanced beyond its current brief and design constraints.

May 18, 19, 20, 2022 - Deutsche Messe, Hannover, Germany

Tire Technology Expo 2022 promises to be the most exciting gathering of tire manufacturing experts yet. Visitors, exhibitors and conference delegates will enjoy a networking opportunity unrivaled within the tire manufacturing sector.

Over three days delegates will have the opportunity to see presentations from speakers picked from the world’s leading experts on tire manufacturing. Presentations will cover the very latest developments in the tire manufacturing industry. This high-profile conference, coupled with one of the industry’s largest exhibitions, makes this not only a prestigious event to attend but also a priority for all involved in the tire making process.