Why We Took The ‘P’ Out of UKIP

You may have noticed a mild change to our name, from UKIP Media & Events to UKi Media & Events. Both the political party and our fantastic company sprang up at much the same time, and neither had any right to claim the other could not use the UKIP letter sequence in the manner that we both have done for many years. However, after the UK general election in 2015 – during which one member of the public demanded to enter our HQ in Dorking, entirely convinced that Nigel Farage’s offices were hidden in there – and given our global positioning with the all-important aspect of being an entirely non-political organisation, we decided it was time for a change.

Having enjoyed a truly magnificent 27 years since the company was launched in 1991 (we are now in year 28) and with many new conferences and exhibitions as well as magazines to launch in the coming years, we are acutely aware that much of what we will do in the future requires underlining the fact that we are totally non-political – so UKi Media & Events it is.

Tony Robinson, Founder and CEO of The Company.

What we do

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UKi Media & Events organises more than 20 highly specialised exhibitions and conferences, produces over 11 leading international magazines, and organises the acclaimed International Engine of the Year Awards, with total emphasis on transportation and kindred industries. Regarded by many of its competitors in the publishing and exhibitions business around the world as one of the most successful companies to have emerged in the last 25 years, it now runs specialist events in Europe, China, India, Korea and North America. The company has won the much-coveted PPA International Business Magazine of the Year award and received prestigious listings in Europe’s 500 and The Sunday Times Profit Track 100.