COVID-19 update

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19, UKi Media & Events, are introducing a number of measures to help ensure the health and well-being of our visitors. These measures are set out below.

  • Everyone attending our exhibitions or conferences in Stuttgart, iVT Expo or Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo will be asked to make the following declaration: "I have no indications to suggest that I am a potential carrier of flu, pneumonia or coronavirus".

  • All entry processes will be wi-fi-based, enabling attendees who have not pre-registered to obtain their entry pass/badge using their own handheld devices. All keyboards will be operated exclusively by our own staff, as will any badge-issuing machines.

  • Temperature scanners will be installed at the entrance to the show to screen for any attendees who are running an above-normal temperature.

If you have already pre-registered to attend the expo, a few days before the show opens you will receive a self-validation form which must be completed. If you have not yet pre-registered, please complete our online registration form as normal; you will then be asked to self-validate a few days before the show opens.

These are just some of the measures that we can employ should the need arise. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and review the policies of the World Health Organisation as well as local government authorities. We will absolutely ensure that we do everything we can to ensure our exhibitors’, visitors’, and delegates’ well-being at the event. If necessary, we will look at banning attendees (including exhibitors) who live in high-risk areas. We will update this statement if there is a development, but we fully expect the events to take place.