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Partner Emailers

Partner Emailer Submission Checklist

In order for us to send a marketing email on your behalf, you will need to submit the materials below using the submission form at least three working days before you wish the email to be sent out. This will enable us to send you a test of the email before it is sent to our lists.

Please contact either Hannah Drake or Ella Doak with any questions or problems.

We will require:

  • 1. An html document (No limit to the amount of text or images, though it is usually best to keep it around one screen height or less with small filesize images. The width of the content should be around 500-600 pixels, and it should be in html table format with no background images. All images should be linked with absolute uri paths)
  • 2. A plain text version of the email in .txt or .doc format (All text with no html or images for people who view emails without html content enabled. Can include links in pure text form e.g.
  • 3. Images if you are not hosting them on your own servers (provided in a zip file)
  • 4. Subject line (100 characters or less)
  • 5. Sender name (Usually your company/product/event name)
  • 6. Reply-to email address (where the replies will be sent)
  • 7. Date and time for when you want the marketing email to be sent out

In addition, you will need to provide us with:

  • 1. Your Company Name
  • 2. A contact name and email address
  • 3. The name of the UKi Media & Events Show or Magazine that your marketing email is in connection with
  • 4. The name and email address of the UKi Media & Events Salesperson who organised the marketing email with you

Considerations to be aware of

  • 1. As good practice there should be at least a link and ideally a logo on the marketing email referring to the relevant UKi Media & Events expo or magazine to keep the marketing email tied to us who own the database.
  • 2. It is best to avoid emails consisting only of images, as these tend to be rejected by spam filters and may not be opened by recipients whose email clients do not automatically download images.
  • 3. Please do not include any active content in your html (javascript, flash movies, videos, forms, scroll bars, rollover images, animated gifs etc) as these cannot be sent in an email, as they cannot be rendered in most/all email clients.
  • 4. As we are effectively sending the emailer we will have to add our disclaimer as a legal requirement. A copy of this disclaimer is available here.


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